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Integral Neurosoma (INS) is the converging point of various knowledge and disciplines. It brings a unique approach to teaching, training, tutoring and coaching, and therefore healing. It embodies well-being's physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects.

Due to the broad spectrum of activities integrated and its versatility, our expertise can be applied to the most various contexts, such as education for kids or adults, personal or group coaching, teachers training, corporate training, individual consultation, team or community building, recovery and rehabilitation, and individual development, among others.

We give attention to detail. We are obsessed with high-quality standards and excellence.

Core Principles

Our approach is


We believe that these parts expressing discomfort, difficulty, or disease are precious and need to be integrated into the system and not necessarily re-adjusted or re-aligned. Methods of body, emotions, thought-imagination are ingenious; they naturally apply survival strategies to compensate for external or internal solicitations. These adjustments need to be included within the systems rather than removed; they need to be processed and transformed.


Transformation is the true pearl of all our work and research. Integral Neurosoma © aims for a holistic and integrative shift in individuals as in groups. Every process is unique, from the assessment to tools and applied strategies. Transformation does not necessarily manifest immediately; conversely, it is the result of effort, understanding, dedication, courage, acceptance and re-framing. Integral Neurosoma © leads and supports the steps needed for this to happen.

Holistic - Systemic

Integral Neurosoma © fully embraces and promotes the holistic model. Holistic relates to the complete systems rather than to specific parts. Therefore, Integral Neurosoma © identifies those parts that mainly express a need or discomfort. Every piece is considered in its specificity, yet all aspects are observed in their underlying interaction. Thus, Integral Neurosoma ©r works on the whole system to provide benefits and improvement.




Ethical growth and development





Upgrading knowledge and empathy


Caring for individuals and the




Expressibvity in action


Bodymind in a Bodyworld


Transforming within

Delivery Mode

We can reach you in many ways. And you know why? Because our adaptability is our strength and your satisfaction.


We can reach out to all of your team members even though they are located in different areas. We can also overcome the limitations of timezones. We can provide valuable content prerecorded and continuously accessible on the internet. We can also provide direct connection and live training to every participant. Definitely, online Training represents a strategic move in a changing world. Online Training sessions are variable in time and are suitable for groups of 2 to 2000 people or more, covering the participation of an entire enterprise.


Classroom training provides the opportunity to go through key concepts and discussions. Core aspects of Team Building and Problem solving, among others, can be investigated. Experiential learning, presentation, critical reading and other strategies can be applied in classroom Training. Classroom Training sessions are variable in time and are suitable for groups of 5 to 200 people.


Team building courses that take place outdoors. Those may include adventurous, sports, orienteering, survival, soft air activities, mindfulness practices and integral movement experiences. The natural setting facilitates the free expression of team members and the removal of interpersonal barriers, necessary to facilitate communication processes in the team. Those practices are suitable for working on the themes of performance, objectives, roles, team organization, and role positioning, among others. Outdoor Training sessions are variable in time and are suitable for groups of 5 to 200 people.

We are here to give our


And you will notice that right away!

  • Knowledge: Twenty Plus Years Multidisciplinary Experience
  • Flexibility: Modelling Of Tools And Format
  • Tailoring: Highly Compatible With Your Specific Neds
  • Strategic: Smart Planning and Setup
  • Versatility: Multi-Language

Marco Adda

Senior Instructor

And Founder

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