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The Art Of Listening And Empathy

Healing here is synonymous with thriving. We need to flourish, shine, maintain our well-being, and support our body to do its essential work on homeostasis, with all its natural balancing functions.
The potential of our body is barely understood. The role it plays in our life is disregarded. Formal education does not necessarily provide insight into the importance of being fit. Our daily life, with all of its solicitations, makes us increasingly disconnected from ourselves and others. Here is where discomfort often originates and turns into what we may call sickness. We are now used to intending healing as a recovery process from sickness. Healing is certainly that too, but we can frame things differently. We need to help our body to self-restore itself and consequently integrate our practical, emotional, and mental life.

Performing is a powerful self-expression, learning, personal development, and transformation tool.

We have already learned from human sciences, performing art sciences, and more recently from neurosciences that if somebody is watching our actions, we move differently, display different behaviors, and activate new brain areas. The actor and the observer produce an activity that is going to affect the life of both. The underlying mechanisms behind this process relate to communication, empathy, intuition, and sharing, among others.

We need more art, explorers, creative thinkers, doers, and feelers. And we need keen observers. Because in both actions, namely, doing and observing consciously, resides the key to comprehension, inclusion, health, well-being and mindfulness.


These are complementary areas of research and practice. Elements of these areas are involved in Integral Neurosoma's actions and interventions. We look at the biomechanics and physical laws. We account for the biological and emotional processes. Studying materials are suggested and where possible, provided, along the process (individual or collective), as an integrative part of the whole path.

Movement Based Intervention

We use bodymind-related strategies, according to needs and agreement. Integral Neurosoma © does not address symptoms yet tries to identify the underlying causes of physical and emotional issues and work on these to alleviate and eventually solve problems. Movement is the core of this session. The approach is holistic and targets the person's whole physical, emotional and spiritual condition.


Reiki is commonly known as a powerful tool to support transformation and healing. Although it is a recently formed practice, it gathers principles known by ancient traditions and civilisations. It is a very versatile practice; everybody can easily access it, receive it or learn it and apply it to others. Traditionally the practice is focused on hands, and touch is not required. However, some touches may be included in the practice with full respect to the receiver's needs and requests. Reiki is also a powerful tool in a fast-changing digital world because it can reach many by distance, via the direct or indirect connection.

Art Therapy

We identify some arts that may resonate with your needs and nature. Those practices can resonate with the emotional life of the participants and can facilitate the processing of unspoken truths. Art Therapy suits very well with kids and teenagers, with people wanting to go through a reflective also suitable for those with an active, creative side and those having a playful, creative side and wish to improve their creativity while working on specific aspects of themselves.

Sport Consultation And Training

Suitable for those involved in sports, such as surfing, martial arts, or other activities. We can provide advice if you wish to improve your performance or feel stuck in your process. We'll help you understand what your body is doing, which are the patterns that do not allow you to progress, and we suggest personalized work that you can do, based on the specific sport/activity you do and your history.


Dance uses the body and movement as a way of expression and performing. Thus, this incredible "tool" has a strategic involvement in recovery and healing, for it allows for addressing psychological issues and emotional unbalances. It can be considered, indeed, an approach to psychological and emotional treatment that does not count on talking about problems but embodying them, finding answers in movement instead than in talking and reasoning.

Theatre & Drama

Needless to say how powerful theatre and drama are for self-expression and transformation and how they can also be employed in processing, elaboration, and healing. Theatre is a total experience and includes many solicitations for the participants: body, movement, emotions, voice, thinking, reasoning, imitation, transfer, and other experiences are part of this context. An incredible tool for individuals and groups to reformulate and heal everything.


Storytelling combines quintessential aspects of arts and science and integrates social, cultural, and professional issues. It is simultaneously a process, a method, a technique, and a discipline. Creativity, knowledge, skill, and vision must be continuously conjugated in this practice. Storytelling is crucial for the most successful teachers, performers, public speakers, managers, entrepreneurs, and marketers. It is a powerful tool. Many features related to storytelling, namely, history, culture, neuroscience, individual-collective values, imagination, psychophysiology, body communication, and meta-communication. Sessions of this activity may involve small and large groups and can be experiential, instructional or via gamification. Each session may variate from 1 hour to several hours, according to needs and objectives. Modes: Online / Classroom / Outdoor

Animal Assisted Intervention

Animals have participated in psychiatric and other human treatment for a long time. However, just recently, we understand the crucial role they can play in supporting recovery processes. Empirical and theoretical research around this practice is exponentially growing. The most common animal species involved are dogs and horses. However, many other species, such as donkeys, chickens, cows, and others, may be part of this human-animal interaction. In many cases, this practice helps reduce depression, PTSD symptoms, work burnout, delusional experiences, anxiety, broken hearts, and solitude.

Martial Arts

Martial Arts is an essential experience of communication. Don't think of something harsh and rough. That is not necessary. On the contrary, Martial Arts is an excellent opportunity to better understand others and oneself. Through the metaphors of fighting, survival, attack-defense, avoiding, and action-reaction, a vast multitude of experiences are explored practically and theoretically. This activity allows a deep connection with your emotional life and can reveal essential aspects of your personality. We deliver this proposal with high expertise and responsibility and guarantee a safe space for participants.


"XING SHEN ZHUANG" is a form of Qi-Gong originating from the teachings of ancient Taoist monks handed down over time but kept secret in China for over 5000 years. Knowledge was passed through families and esoteric schools. This form is today part of a more extensive system, the Zhineng Qigong, founded by Master Pan Ming and represents its second level. With the creation of Zhineng Qigong, they wanted to combine the ancient tradition of Qigong as a healing art with modern knowledge of body and mind. Thus, the "Xing Shen Zhuang" ("Reaching the awareness and union of Body and Spirit in an upright position") was brought to Europe by dear Master Wang Ting Jun from 1989 to 2009, years of his death. His legacy is now in the hands of his students. This form of Qi-Gong acts at various levels: joint dissolution, muscle-tendon stretch, activation of the "meridians", toning massage of the internal organs, the natural pathways of Vital Energy (Qi, development of the latent abilities of the mind. Group Size: 5 to 25. Delivery mode: Online | Classroom Off-line Indoor | Outdoor.

Zhineng Yoga

The combination of Xing Shen Zhuang Qi Gong and Yoga represents a powerful neuro-somatic working formula. The practice of Zhineng Yoga activates and increases the quality of Qi in the body, the functioning of the organs, the functionality of the mind, and enhances the integration of psyche and soma. - Fundamental aspects: Wellness and Longevity. - Main Targets: connective tissue, fascia, cardiovascular system, vagus nerve, spine, spinal chord. - Group Size: 3 to 40. Delivery mode: Online | Classroom Off-line Indoor | Outdoor

Kuntao Yoga

Yoga and martial arts have the same philosophical and practical roots. Kuntao Yoga reintegrates elements of these disciplines into a working system that develops neuro-somatic well-being, strength and physical flexibility, emotional stability and mental alertness. - Fundamental aspects: Wellness and Awareness - Main Targets: connective tissue, fascia, muscles, ligaments, cardiovascular system. - Group Size: 3 to 40. Delivery mode: Online | Classroom Off-line Indoor | Outdoor

The Hidden Power Of Breathing

Slow paced breathing at the right frequency (e.g. during Qigong, Tai Chi, and other practices) results in vagal nerve activation. That has a variety of beneficial effects including, and most essentially, reducing inflammation. Resonance frequency breathing = HRV Training = activate the parasympathetic system and raise HRV through entrainment of the heart beat, blood pressure, and respiration coherence.

How to Strengthen the Mind-Body Connection


Your appointment is a learning experience, and tuning into your body’s innate wisdom requires a dedicated one-on-one approach. I offer customized treatments for your specific set of concerns that will get you feeling back to yourself and better than ever in no time. Get in touch with me today to see how I can create a personal plan for your specific needs.

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