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Are you wondering what team building is and what potential carries? Are you looking for team building activities, games, experiential learning and metaphoric mindset? Is this suitable for your company? And importantly... would you like to bring your team to the next level? On this page you find some answers to these questions. Welcome. You are in the right place!


At the international level, the term team building indicates specific methodologies born and developed to work in groups, particularly on task-oriented work teams. The work targets improving the ability of the individuals and the whole group. Working in a team, alias team-working is the mission.


Make people non-invasive, create relationships, increase collaboration, and increase the level of trust in all the participants. Everybody needs to gain trust in her/himself and others and feel motivated to work in a group. That creates cohesion, integration, and co-advancement.

Team building and team working activities foster communication, creativity, empathy, ability to listen. Together we convey vision, mission and corporate values, evaluate potentials and attitudes and bring closer management and operational staff.

These are just some of the achievable objectives. Yes, these are the most important for companies. However, every company has specific needs, and we work to tailor our proposal according to every particular context and request.


Team building done with experiential methodologies can find two main areas of application: training and incentives. Sometimes those approaches are delivered separately, other times jointly.

The charm of the lived experiences, the emotions that are generated and shared, the multi-sensory involvement and the climate of interaction and exchange with others are all factors that make experiential team building an excellent incentive tool and training. In the experiential approach, the participant is always the protagonist starting from the assumption that the most impactful situations are those we live with all our senses, those in which we live with intense emotions, interact with others and maybe have fun.

Among some methodologies, we highlight outdoor training, edu theatre, adventure training, sports training, sound building (methods based on the use of music), business storming (based on creativity), self-empowerment, and animal metaphor, and mindfulness mirroring, among others.


Activities are often delivered in the classrooms where several participants, between 5 and 20 people, receive frontal training on team-building principles, techniques and theories. In some cases, these interventions remain mostly theoretical and may not be effective in practical terms. However, we have developed several strategies to implement possible experiences in every context and spacial condition.


Corporate events may involve some 30 to 300 employees. Team Building sessions may be integrated into a corporate event (2-3 hours). The session is characterised by a motivational boost or by passing a corporate messages related to the Vision of the company.


Short team building activities taking place during a corporate dinner, a road show or a quick corporate meeting. In addition to employees, agents, business partners and customers are often invited. The goal is to facilitate the knowledge between people and shorten the relational distance. Communication is core.

Delivery Modes

Outdoor Training

Team building courses that take place outdoors. Those may include adventurous, sports, orienteering, survival, soft air activities, mindfulness practices and integral movement experiences. The natural setting facilitates the free expression of team members and the removal of interpersonal barriers, necessary to facilitate communication processes in the team. Those practices are suitable for working on the themes of performance, objectives, roles, team organization, and role positioning, among others. Outdoor Training sessions are variable in time and are suitable for groups of 5 to 200 people.

Classroom Training

Classroom training provides the opportunity to go through key concepts and and discussions. Core aspects of Team Building and Problem solving, among others, can be investigated. Experiential learning, presentation, critical reading and other strategies can be applied in classroom Training. Classroom Training sessions are variable in time and are suitable for groups of 5 to 200 people.

Online Training

While the world is rapidly changing we are called to adjust smartly to new ways of communication and information delivery. Online training puts together new technology with hands-on experience. Via this modality we can reach a huge amount of people, large teams, dislocated team members. We can also overcome the limitations of timezones. We can provide valuable contents prerecorded and continuously accessible on the internet. We can also provide direct connection and live training to every participants. Definitely, online Training represents a strategic move in a changing world. Online Training sessions are variable in time and are suitable for groups of 2 to 2000 people or more, covering till the participation of an entire enterprise.


Digital Shift

Digital is both changing the way we think and the way we approach our work. Emails, telecommuting, digital platforms, LMS, webinars, video calls, and data-driven reporting are just tools. If we still operate, communicate, create, manage and lead using the same paradigms we used for 20 years, then we may find this does not match today's challenges. The digital revolution transforms industries, organisations, teams and individuals. With no fear, an open mind and determination, we can surf the wave and acquire all the needed skills and tools to stay in the game. We need to cultivate leadership values and create a culture of innovation. We must be adaptable, tolerant, empowering, collaborative, communicative, and above all, we must take care of our team. It may appear as a paradox, but digital is shown to increase the closeness and compassion among people. Those are the challenge of digital time. Each session may variate from 1 hour to several hours, according to needs and objectives. Modes: Online / Classroom Off-Line


Storytelling puts together quintessential aspects of arts and science and integrates social, cultural and professional issues. It is simultaneously a process, a method, a technique and a discipline. Creativity, knowledge, skill and vision must be continuously conjugated in this practice. Storytelling has become a crucial component of the most successful teachers, performers, public speakers, manager, entrepreneurs, and marketers. It is a powerful tool. Many features relate to storytelling, namely, history, culture, neuroscience, individual-collective values, imagination, psychophysiology, body communication, and meta-communication, among others. Sessions of this activity may involve small and large groups, and can be experiential, instructional or via gamification. Each session may variate from 1 hour to several hours, according to needs and objectives. Modes: Online / Classroom / Outdoor

Theatre-Cinema Acting

The corporate team is involved in a theatrical or cinematographic experience in which they are asked to make a short film or a theatrical performance. This approach is particularly useful for working on soft dynamics such as communication, relationships, trust, knowledge among team members.Team Building Theatre a

Social Farming And Crafting

Animals represent a considerable potential for their behaviour and group dynamics. Educational animation on the farm and other animal contexts is a growing reality. Participants will be hosted to share the experience in a farm or other location. It is an opportunity to learn about genuine nutrition, agricultural activity, the food cycle, animal and plant life, the social role of farmers, farm animals, wildlife, biodiversity and the ecosystem. All of those topics contains core values to be powerfully applied in the realms of management, communication, community outreach and finance.

Outdoor Orientering And Nature

Orienting Team Building is an outdoor training activity for groups willing to live a challenging, exciting and aggregating adventure. This experience combines the pleasure of the excursion with that of the individual and team challenge to be faced. The experiential approach is core in this pattern.

Time Machine

Your team will be projected into the past and future of your company. The focus is, on the one hand, to dig down to the roots of dynamics and patterns characterising your team or the entire enterprise; on the other hand, to project your team into the future. The goal is to stimulate participants in understanding the new forms of Intra-professional and Inter-professional Communication, Marketing, through the "Time Travelling" metaphor. Thus, we target a new vision of the team/enterprise in a changing world. The main themes of this event may be Vision, Transformation, Communication, and Team Cohesiveness, among others.

Martial Arts

Martial Arts are an essential experience of communication. Don't think of something harsh and rough. That is not necessary. On the contrary, Martial Arts are an excellent opportunity to understand others and oneself at a deeper level. Through the metaphors of fighting, survival, attack-defence, avoiding, action-reaction, there is a vast multitude of experience we can explore, practically and theoretically. This activity allows a deep connection with your emotional life and can reveal essential aspects of your personality. We deliver this proposal with a high level of expertise and responsibility, and we guarantee a save space for all participants.


Painting is an elegant and appealing art and can inspire team-building experience for your team, your office or the entire corporate staff. How fun can it be mixing paint colours to create new ones, and painting on canvas or other materials? This process relaxes the mind and induces conversation between colleagues. Importantly, it quickly enhances the production of endorphin and oxytocin, creating a stronger bond among all the participants. That is a great way to get to know people better, to solve conflicts, and to develop existing relationships. The artwork can be exposed later at the office and be inspirational for others. Best suitable for teams of 5-15 people, however, larger groups can be considered for a very exhilarating experience. Additionally, Flexible formats to fit your schedule from 1 to 3 hours.

Cooking Class

Cooking can be an occasion for workers from any business to bond and learn how to rely on one another. Participants can work all together to execute their meals in the given time. Multiple groups can also be formed, and fair competition can be part of the game, where a few members can cover the role of judges. By a stage of the experience, all participants/teams successfully cooked and served their meals. Consequently, all the participants may eat together and enjoy the outcome of their work. That increases conviviality among the participants, enhancing creativity, empathy and collective bond. Suitable for groups from 5 to 30 people, or larger groups on request. For online experience, unlimited participants. Delivery mode: Selected Location / Online

Brain-ness Storming ©

Brain-ness Storming © integrates business games and simulations with the best brainstorming techniques used to generate new ideas. All the participant share experiences, ideas and approaches, to be orchestrated for mutual enrichment. Objectives are team building and brainstorming, participatory production of business ideas, creative problem solving, the innovation of product-processes-strategies, and group identity.

Blinded Tour ©

This experience is all about trust. It is a unique activity we have invested a lot of care and attention to perfection during many years. Some will have responsibility for others. The conductor is instructed on all the best practices to take care of the follower during the experience. The follower is blinded and will be lead through a process of excursion and exploration. That is an incredible adventure that allows sensorial experience one may have never had before. It crucially increases the bond among participants, and enable relevant revelations for personal development. Participants can alternate their role in conducting and following. Each experience may variate from 30 minutes to some hours, depending on time availability, preparation of participants, environmental and other factors.

Still-Walking ©

Still-Walking © is a highly reflective practice. It consists of covering a certain space distance following a specific pathway and at a particular pace. It enhances introspection, proprioception, and easily connects with the emotional sphere of the actor. It has an essential resonance in self-transformation and healing and can be employed both at the individual and a group/team level. It is a challenging and powerful experience that may reveal exciting shades of one's mind and feeling. The journey is accompanied and supervised by a tutor who can provide some advice, assistance and guidance during the process. This practice is unique and stalwart. Suitable for individuals and groups. Delivery mode: Outdoor / Indoor


"XING SHEN ZHUANG" is a form of Qi-Gong originating from the teachings of ancient Taoist monks handed down over time but kept secret in China for over 5000 years. Knowledge was passed through families and esoteric schools. This form is today part of a more extensive system, the Zhineng Qigong, founded by Master Pan Ming, and represents its second level. With the creation of Zhineng Qigong, they wanted to combine the ancient tradition of Qigong as a healing art, with modern knowledge of body and mind. Thus, the "Xing Shen Zhuang" ("Reaching the awareness and union of Body and Spirit in an upright position") was brought to Europe by our dear Master Wang Ting Jun starting in 1989. Master Wang held intensive courses in various European countries until his sudden and saddening death in 2009. His legacy is now in the hands of his students. This form of Qi-Gong acts at various levels: joint dissolution, muscle-tendon stretch, activation of the "meridians", toning massage of the internal organs, the natural pathways of Vital Energy (Qi, development of the latent abilities of the mind. Group Size: 5 to 25. Delivery mode: Online | Classroom Off-line Indoor | Outdoor.


Mindfulness refers to the bodily and psychological process of intentionally bringing individual or collective attention to the present experience. Various practices can be employed in Mindfulness, such as forms of meditation, mental exercise, scored movement and others. Judgment suspension is a critical element of Mindfulness regardless of the practice employed. It is crucial to have in mind that Mindfulness is not at all a static experience, even in those case where movement is not core. In most of our proposals, on the contrary, Mindfulness is practised actively, and body movement always accompanies mental exercise. Whether Mindfulness refers to the quality of being present to your present moment, tends to free from distraction and make participants aware of their thoughts and feelings. In experiencing the mind of being fully present, we empower our readiness to challenge circumstances or stressful situations. Thus, both individuals and teams can get considerable benefit from this experience. Group size: 2 to unlimited. Delivery mode: Online | Classroom Off-Line Indoor | Outdoor.


Bodywork refers to those experiential tools that pass through the body and aim to body mobility, personal transformation, self remodelling and healing. It can be proposed for individuals and groups. Performance is not of priority, and judgment is suspended. The body is always involved in any practice, though in bodywork the contact comes with different degrees: full, hybrid or absent. Breathwork, self-massage, postural integration, patterned movement, and Reiki, among others, are part of this proposal. Suitable for groups from 2 to unlimited. Delivery mode: Online | Classroom Offline Indoor | Outdoor

Animal Metaphor

Animal Behaviour in the last decades is revealing essential aspects regarding humans and their behaviours, individual and social. Applying some behaviours borrowed by ethology we can experience pattens and dynamics which determine the functioning of every social group. We investigate how the natural survival behavior applies to the rule of group work, cohesiveness and sharing.

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