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This is how we work here

We integrate science and best practices.

It cannot be otherwise.

Underlying Dynamic

Unfolding and understanding the mechanisms, dynamics, bias and patterns that characterise the interaction with your dogs and other human family members.

Expert Instructions

Your instructors have decades of experience in the field of canine behaviour and human-dog consultation and are online educators with a global audience.

Personalised Development

We tailor every process on our client's specific needs, charateristics and requests.

Holistic Approach

Re-considering your and your dog’s behaviour as interrelated and mutually influencing. Re-framing your dog and you as the two cores of the same ecosystem.

Integrated Science

We conjugate the most recent scientific researche with the best hands-on practice


We help professionals to reinforce their values, find their critical points and advance in their career.

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Who am I or who I am?!

I am an Independent Researcher, Anthrozoologist, Dog Behaviour and Wellbeing Consultant, Educator, Animal Advocate and Rescuer with a significant social work, bodywork, human development and team building background. I am a Professional Member of the International Society for Anthrozoology - ISAZ, the Animal Behaviour Society - ABS, and founder of Anthrozoology Education Dogs & Canines, Portugal Focus Animal Help, Integral Neurosoma and other projects.

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Psychology Today / DoYouBelieveInDog? / The Bark / The Chronicle of Dogs / American Dog Writers Associations / The Conversation / Animal & Society / Barks From The Guild / The Pet Professional Guild/ Dog Spies / The Outline / Talking Animals / Holistic Dog Podcast / International School of Canine Psychology ISCP / The Bitey End of the Dog Podcast / How to live Podcast / Lilidale Radio


A Dog Trainer

Best for dog parents wanting basic education and tips for their doggy friends

A Dog Behavior Consultant

Best for dog parents and dog professionals wanting do address some behavioural aspects and issues

A Tutor or Professional Training

Best for future dog trainers and other dog professionals wanting to expand their skill and seeking support on their career path

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