Holistic Dog Behaviour and Training

Learn all you need to approach any dog holistically and comprehensively.


Holistic Dog Behaviour and Training


This course proposes a holistic approach to apply in your "day to day" or professional life. Here you can improve and remodel the interaction with your dog and your other companion animals, and transform yourself.

We are thrilled to introduce you to this course on a holistic approach to dogs, pets and other animals' behaviour, training, and care.

One of the most common problems, in any field, is that we got used to looking at things with a narrow view. We focus only on one aspect of a broader situation. That results in a lost connection with the whole picture. We see this happening in the medical field, in technology, in psychology, and in our interactions with humans, dogs, other animals and nature.

Often, we provide support to dogs and other animals' in fragments. Behavioural issues, clinical scenarios, emotional traits, dog training and education activities, animals care, you name it... all of that relates to our dogs, pets and other animals, and when they need help such support is delivered separately, one piece at the time, one professional at the time, lacking a vision that integrates all the parts. We miss the whole picture of our dogs and other animals' life.


• we need to integrate the many perspectives

• we need to increase cooperation among different professionals

• we need to improve communication

• we need to become more self-observant and detect the consequences of our behaviour on others, our dogs or other animals we work with or take care of.

That is what is required to address every situation in a way that may be comprehensive, balanced, and reflects the flow of nature. In nature, nothing has a value per se, everything is interconnected with everything else, and everything is in communication with everything else. And so it should be in addressing the life of our beloved dogs.

For those reasons, a course on the behaviour and training of dogs must also include the behaviour of humans. We should realise that the approach we have to dogs and other animals, ultimately, is the mirror of ourselves.

If those perspectives resonate with you, and you believe this is the approach that truly supports our dogs or other animals.. if you wish to improve your communication skills as an animal supported and healer. If you wish to embrace a holistic approach. Then, welcome! This course is for you.

A final and essential note: the knowledge proposed here is a combination of science and hands-on experience, everything integrated into a simple language, that facilitates in any manner your learning process. If you are interested in animal communication, a dog trainer, a dog and animals behaviour consultant or animal caretaker, a dog parent, a dog worker, a dog and animal passionate, a pet parent, a social worker, a teacher, an animal ambassador, an animal advocate.. this course is for you!

What people say of this course

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Marco Adda has done a great job being clear and informative on ways to best take full advantage of the course material and different ways to achieve optimal learning. Eleonora Clemente

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Calmamente estou a aprender coisas novas sobre estes nossos amigos... muito bom! Isabel Foguete

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ What a wonderful course, rich with essential information and critical points to consider regarding a truly holistic approach to dog behavior and our interrelationships with dogs and all animals. Thank you, Marco, for providing such an engaging overview of a much-needed perspective. I look forward to Holistic Dog Behavior Part II!!! Cathirose Petrone


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Students Global View

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Hi, I am Marco and I am your instructor

I do my best to provide you with the best learning experience!

Freelance Canids Researcher, Dog Behavior Consultant, Animal Advocate and Educator, with a significant background in Online Education, Social work, theatre, human development and team building. Professional member of the Animal Behavior Society and the International Society Of Anthrozoology. My particular focus is on canids: wolves, domestic dogs, free-roaming dogs, dingoes, foxes, and jackals among others. I’m involved in several projects globally and my interest varies from up-to-date science research, to ancient believes, traditions and legends, environment, social inclusion, human and animal rights, and environmental care. Additionally, I work as a coach, trainer and consultant in well-being, Sport, Movement-related techniques, Holistic Healthcare, and Theater, integrating neurosciences, psycho-physiology and visual arts in all of my work. I am actively engaged in a wide range of professional contexts, and I’ve been collaborating with universities in Rome, Paris, Novisad, Budapest, Kuala Lumpur, Melbourne, Iasi, Sonoma, Hobart, Cluj-Napoca and others.

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I'm enjoying the course a lot and even though I already knew a few things about wolves, some other things are completely new to me. e.g. I had never heard of Canis Lupus Orion. Marco is very knowledgeable and passionate and immediately answers the questions students may ask him.

Raquel Paiva


What an incredible journey this course was. It's very clear that the instructor had put his heart and soul into presenting a comprehensive online course on wolves. I congratulate him on a job well done and I'll be sharing this course with others and encourage anyone interested in learning about wolves to take this course.

Don Gosset


Proprio quello di cui avevamo bisogno, apprendere di più sui cani ed essere guidati nel nostro rapporto con Chicca e Roy. Abbiamo studiato i programmi online di Marco e abbiamo fatto 3 consulenze mirate. la nostra relazione con i nostri cani è cambiata in meglio e per sempre. Grazie Marco ti siamo riconoscenti.

Giulio e Franca Alfieri


This course packed a lot of valuable information into a relatively short space of time. A lot of work has clearly gone in to creating the material and Marco's passion for his subject is evident. A brilliant insight into a complex topic, it was enjoyable and informative from start to finish.

Naomi Lucas


I'm amazed by all the effort Marco put into this course. It's phenomenal! It's the perfect blend of science, culture, folklore, ecology, conservation, and simply the pure love of wolves. Thank you for all your time and effort in pulling this course together. I enjoyed it so much have signed up for another one of your courses. Namaste and blessings. MM

Michelle Mattei


If there is anything anyone wanted to know about wolves, this is the man. Very good course, I would highly recommend it to anyone who wanted to know wolves.

Tony McAteer


As a holistic canine behaviorist, I highly recommend Marco.

His work and dedication to free-roaming dogs are vital since he has a holistic and nonlinear hierarchy approach.

He is a gifted behaviorist with a deep understanding of animal communication and relationships.

Roman Gottfried


Marco esprime al meglio cosa significhi rispettare gli animali. È appassionato nell'elevare il rapporto essere umano / animale attraverso il suo incredibile livello di abilità. La compassione e la sensibilità di Marco sia per gli uomini che per gli animali lo rendono caro a tutti coloro che lo conoscono. Ho il privilegio di chiamarlo mio amico.

Gwen Dina Kaelen


The course is interesting and educative in a very enjoyable way, full of beautiful photos, clever animations and a lot of extra materials. I liked it very much. Thank you!

Zofia Hamoriova


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Yes. Enrolling you have full access to the program and all of it contents. For some materials pointing to external links, you will have full access too, for all of those are do not require any further subscription.

How long can I take to complete the program?

You will have six months, 180 days, to complete the program. We want for you the most effective experience, so we know that not putting a time limit may come with the risk for you to not prioritising the program. That said, within the six months from subscription is absolutely up to you when you attend and how much time you want/have to invest every time. To better grasp all the contents, we suggest from two to four weeks. This will provide you a good pace and a deep learning experience. However, we all process informations in different ways. So, find your preferred pace within the 180 days. There is plenty of time, but set your schedule for the best learning experience. You may also go back to some modules before proceeding further. Remember: you can access all the contents online 24/7 worldwide. And in case you have some major issue, we are always happy to discuss and extend your completion time upon request.

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Absolutely yes. The instructor is available to answer to your question anytime, typically within 24 hours.

Can I ask for a refund?

Absolutely Yes. As by our Money Back Guarantee, you have 30 days after enrolment to ask for a refund. We suggest to attend two modules and then you can decide. Of course we believe in the quality of our contents so we hope you can attend the whole program. That will resonate in your life forever.

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No problem at all. We are always available for online consultation and you can contact us anytime for that. Being a program attendee, you will have a privileged treatment for our consultation service.

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