Learn About Free-Ranging Dogs & Expand Your Understanding of Dogs Exponentially

There are many good reasons for taking this program!

  • You are a professional and want to expand your skills exponentially
  • You are struggling with dog behavioural issues
  • You are a professional and feel stuck with your skills
  • You are a dog parent and want to understand more about dogs
  • You are a professional and want to facilitate the welbeing of a free-ranging or feral dog into a human family and new environment

  • You feel dogs would deserve more freedom than they have
  • You want to understand more about canine science
  • You want to learn more about the relevance of dogs for the ecosystem
  • You have adopted a dog from the street or shelter and cannot understand certain behaviours
  • You are travelling to an area where there are free-ranging dogs around

Any of this sounds familiar?

If so, you are in the right place...


Dogs are mistreated, restrained, and typically dogs are not understood by people

This is why I traveled globally studying dogs


Free-Ranging Dogs are the majority of canines worldwide. They are very balanced in their behaviour. That further opened my mind and changed my perspectives.

I focused my attention and research on free-ranging dogs, and that enormously improved my understanding of all dogs.


This is a state-of-the-art program which will bring you clarity and deep understanding about dogs and canines

After attending this program, your perception of dogs will be transformed forever

Here’s what’s inside

Every module will bring you in-depth knowledge

Module 1

Introduction to the topic

Module 2

Free-Ranging Dogs: What, Where and How Many

Module 3


Module 4

Bali Dogs

Module 5

Dogs in the Ecosystem

Module 6

Why Free-Ranging Dogs

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Certificate of Completion

Our unique and comprehensive curriculum covers a wide range of topics and perspectives. We integrate science and good practice. Gain the knowledge, skills, and credentials to make a positive impact in the lives of dogs, animals and people, while opening doors to exciting career opportunities. Show your personal and/or professional achievemnt. Get your certificate of completion!

Free-Ranging Dogs

Here is where you can change your perception about dogs and your dog, forever. This will exponentially improve your dog parenting or dog professional practice.

Just enrol!

"This course packed a lot of valuable information into a relatively short space of time. A lot of work has clearly gone into creating the material and Marco's passion for his subject is evident. A brilliant insight into a complex topic, it was enjoyable and informative from start to finish."

-- Naomi Lucas

I'm amazed by all the effort Marco put into this course. It's phenomenal! It's the perfect blend of science, culture, folklore, ecology, conservation. I enjoyed it so much have signed up for another one of your courses. Namaste and blessings.

-- Michelle Mattei


  • Access to all the video contents - 6+ hours lectures ($667 Value)
  • Downloadable PDF Articles ($127)
  • Free Bonus : Special interview to the instructor by main dog international event organiser
  • Certificate of Completion: you can show your professional or personal accomplishment

Total Value: $794

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Your voice is our truth

See what Gwen, Roman and Nicole say about us

“Highly Recommended”

Marco Adda encapsulates what it means to respect animals. He is passionate about elevating the human/animal bond using his amazing skill level. Marco's compassion and sensitivity for both humans and animals endears him to all who know him. I am privileged to call him my friend.

-- Gwen Dina Kaelen,

Dog Trainer and Behaviour Consultant

“Amazing colleague”

As a holistic canine behaviorist, I highly recommend Marco.

His work and dedication to free-roaming dogs are vital since he has a holistic and nonlinear hierarchy approach.

He is a gifted behaviorist with a deep understanding of animal communication and relationships.

-- Roman Gottfried,

Behaviour consultant and Founder of Holistic Dog Training

“Best experience I’ve had”

Marco has a deep and honest understanding and connection with dogs... he can literally read them like a book and it’s always clear how much the dogs adore him. Marco helped me with my Bali dogs when they were puppies and I still hear his wise words in my head 4 years later. His tips and strategies really really work and he clearly and thoroughly explains and teaches you (the owner) about canine behaviour and how you can better handle and understand your dogs.

-- Nicole Sofia,

Dogs and horses lover

Who is this for ?

This works for you too, if you are a dog parent or in what business you're in

Dog Parents (Owners)

Dog Trainers

Dog Sitters


Those wanting to adopt a dog

Behaviour Consultants

Vet students

Animal Advocates


Dogs Lovers

Policy Makers

Dog Training and Behaviour Schools Administrators

  • CEO and Founder of AEDC Anthrozoology Education Dogs Canines
  • Professional Member of the ISAZ International Society for Anthrozoology
  • Professional Member of the ABS Animal Behavior Society
  • 25+ years experience on Dog Training and Behaviour
  • 1400+ online students
  • 970+ satisfied clients
  • Independent researcher and journal reviever


Marco Adda

Freelance Canids Researcher, Dog Behavior Consultant, Animal Advocate and Educator, with a significant background in Online Education, Social work, theatre, human development and team building. My particular focus is on canids: wolves, domestic dogs, free-roaming dogs, dingoes, foxes, and jackals among others. I’m involved in several projects globally and my interest varies from up-to-date science research, to ancient believes, traditions and legends, environment, social inclusion, human and animal rights, and environmental care. Additionally, I work as a coach, trainer and consultant in well-being, Sport, Movement-related techniques, Holistic Healthcare, and Theater, integrating neurosciences, psycho-physiology and visual arts in all of my work.


There’s zero risk for you with our 100% money back guarantee

We are sure you will love this program so we can confidently offer this guarantee.

Frequently asked questions

By enrolling I will have full access to the contents, including videos, pictures, text, external links and downloadables?

Yes. Enrolling you have full access to the program and all of it contents. For some materials pointing to external links, you will have full access too, for all of those are do not require any further subscription.

How long can I take to complete the program?

You will have six months, 180 days, to complete the program. We want for you the most effective experience, so we know that not putting a time limit may come with the risk for you to not prioritising the program. That said, within the six months from subscription is absolutely up to you when you attend and how much time you want/have to invest every time. To better grasp all the contents, we suggest from two to four weeks. This will provide you a good pace and a deep learning experience. However, we all process informations in different ways. So, find your preferred pace within the 180 days. There is plenty of time, but set your schedule for the best learning experience. You may also go back to some modules before proceeding further. Remember: you can access all the contents online 24/7 worldwide. And in case you have some major issue, we are always happy to discuss and extend your completion time upon request.

Can I ask question during the process?

Absolutely yes. The instructor is available to answer your questions anytime, typically within a few hours and no later than 24 hours. This may depend on time-zone, availability, ongoing meetings and so on. Be assured that we always reply as soon as possible.

Can I ask for a refund?

Absolutely Yes. As by our Money Back Guarantee, you have 30 days after enrolment to ask for a refund. We suggest to attend two modules and then you can decide. Of course we believe in the quality of our contents so we hope you can attend the whole program. That will resonate in your life forever.

Can I set an online consultation during the process?

Absolutely yes. We are always available for online consultation and you can contact us anytime for that. Being a program attendee, you will have a privileged treatment for our consultation services and fees.

Can I involve other people in my process?

Absolutely yes, that's a great idea. You can do that in two ways. 1) If the person you wish to involve is a family member of a friend who can come to your place, then that's easy, you just attend together from your computer/tablet. 2) You can just gift the course. That's an amazing gift, who receive it will be forever grateful to you. Send us an email for special offers on the Gift program.

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